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15-Nov-02, 08:18 PM (PST)
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"Nobel War Prize"
I can never quite decide where to post these...

Bush Wins Nobel War Prize, Saddam Miffed at Oslo Snub

The Norwegian Nobel Committee honored President George W. Bush today
by bestowing upon him the first-ever Nobel War Prize.

In Oslo, Nobel Committee chairman Gunnar Berge said that Mr. Bush was chosen for the award because "above all, in his words and deeds,
President Bush has stood for the resolution of conflicts between nations and peoples through the use of massive and overwhelming force."

At the White House, President Bush said that he was surprised to have received the Nobel War Prize and that he was "deeply honored and touched."

He added that it would have been impossible to win the award without
the help of Senator Majority Leader Tom Daschle, whom the President
thanked for "his tireless efforts to do absolutely nothing to hinder me."

But even as the Oslo committee announced the first-ever prize, there
was a firestorm of controversy in international circles, with some critics charging that President Bush was insufficiently bellicose to win the Nobel War Prize.

In particular, Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein expressed the view that he and not the President should have walked off with the coveted Norwegian accolade.

"I've been busting my hump to win the Nobel War Prize for the better
part of twenty years, and he just scoops it up at the last minute?" a visibly miffed Saddam said to reporters in Baghdad.

"Excuse me, but the whole thing reeks of Israeli politics."

For his part, President Bush brushed off Saddam's comments as "sour
grapes," and said he would use the $1 million dollar award to break
ground on the Bush Center for Preemptive Armed Conflict in Houston, Texas.

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I knew it..........*
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17-Nov-02, 09:32 AM (PST)
1. "RE: Nobel War Prize"
In response to message #0
   You write for the paper don't you...........your the guy that is always trying to get my attention with your fancy headlines...........Man what a flop, do something constructive with your time besides lurk these site's waiting for something to happen..............

Go make the news not become a part of it.........yeah.....Wink......

You doing this out of boredom

The desire to bore others with such obvious news we all knew was coming anyway

The desire to gloat over the fact you posted it first

The desire to see if a certain someone was ready to pay attention to you yet, or even take notice that you were here.....Tell you the truth I skip all the articles on this site whose title don't interest me. If it looks really really political and boring I skip it because I am not about to waste my time reading the fucking news.......The fucking news is fucking boring than fuck......And it takes to long........And all the pieces that I want aren't all going to be in the paper in the same section on the same page on the same day, so screw you pal.............

Just look for some other person to grab the attention you were waiting around to give me.......No one wants to play with you yet............Naw JK........Why you think I was so forthcoming to respond to this one, it jumped out at me today, and I had to give you a

Keep on Going

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