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"Fresno Trip Report"

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14-Apr-01, 07:05 PM (PDT)
"Fresno Trip Report"
Recently traveled to Fresburg and had three experiences with providers - one bad, one good, and one mixed.

First, the bad - called Gina (newspaper 442-xxxx) because of her positive reviews. She initially said she doesn't do hotel calls but, as we talked she warmed up and when I told her I'd seen one of her friends before, she agreed to see me the next night. We set a tentative time and I said I'd call her a few hours before the appt to confirm. I called at the right time and we confirmed the appt (no problems, no concerns). The time came for the appt and she no-showed. I called her # several times and she didn't answer (every time before she answered on the 2nd or 3rd ring). I called the next day (she answered right away) and asked her (politely) what happened? Her lame excuse was that she was "stuck in the country" and that she decided she didn't want to do a hotel call. She had no explanation as to why she didn't call or answer her phone. At no time was I less than a gentleman with her. I wanted to warn all of you about this experience because she certainly wasted my time and might do the same to you.

Second, the good - I got a chance to see Angie (of Yomon fame). She is as sweet as can be and we had a great time. I'll post more details in a review inside. Definitely a repeat candidate.

Last, the mixed - after reading the positive reviews on Tiffany, I felt I had to try to see her while I was in Fresno. I called her number and she answered right away. We scheduled an appt and she showed up on time. She looked better than her pics and was stylishly dressed. Her description in the reviews is accurate (small breasts, great butt/legs). She could be a GFE (kissing, DATY, etc.) except for one (IMHO) HUGE flaw. She is such a BAD actress and EVERYTHING she does comes across as so PHONY that it drove me nuts. She talks non-stop dirty talk and it sounds like the script from the worst porn movie you've ever seen. There was not one ounce of genuineness in her session. I gave her a massage and paid her plenty of attention but I couldn't make a dent in the phoniness. We finished, she got dressed, thanked me, and left. Elapsed time - about 30 mins. I hate to burst anyone's bubble but it was a major disappointment. As always, YMMV, but I can't see myself repeating. It's too bad because, if she were able to relax, be herself, and be even the least bit genuine, she'd be a major find.

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