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"The Decline & Fall of the MSC Empire: Edited for Television"

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04-May-01, 07:34 PM (PDT)
"The Decline & Fall of the MSC Empire: Edited for Television"
Rasputin and Caligula's lengthy posts raise many good points about the new parking meters at MSC. You can tell someone was woken up, judging by the lengthy posts trying to refute their points. I would like to pick up the torch and try to provide a hopefully easier-to-read version of their posts, both for PLs and dancers, and for those who will undoubtedly try and refute them.

Anyone seen the massive crowds of customers and dancers at MSC on the peak nights of Friday and Saturday lately? Yes by all signs the parking meters are a brilliant success and all you disgruntled dancers and PLs should just dry up and blow away.

Some posts wrongly say that a boycott brought mixed results in the past. Twice before MSC tried to gouge everyone and because of customer non-support they backed out. Just ask any dancer or PL who has been at the club for any period of timer if you don't believe me.

People will not get used to being interrupted. Ever try to finish when someone disturbs you every 5 minutes? The need to CONTINUOUSLY feed the parking meters makes it impossible for a PL to enjoy a private show. And if a PL can't enjoy himself, what is his reason to spend money?

MSC isn't in a tourist area like MBOT. The markets of MSC and MBOT are totally different. IMO MSC's success in the past was volume. If MSC regulars stop coming, who will take their place? MBOT regulars eager to pay more for less?

The parking meters may stay, but the current $20 / 5 minutes is excessive. Many will now no longer return since MSC is now more expensive than MBOT for private rooms. Sure, some may find no alternative but to return after time, but they will not come as often because of the higher prices. After all the economy is not what is was last year. A PL's desire to visit MSC may not diminish, but the ability to pay for his desire will.

MSC will not go out of business of the parking meters. Hey they got naked girls, someone's bound to come. Anyone been to New Century Theater before Deja Vu screwed it up? Much cleaner than MSC and better private rooms. A real haven for big spending regulars whiling awhile a leisurely hour or two with their ATF. NCT is still there but they don't draw the big spending crowds they used to. Good bye MSC, hello NCT 2.

It seems that there should be a happy middle ground where everyone benefits, management, dancers and customers. I believe the new parking meters will not realize their desired effect and no one will benefit. Overall I think what people object to most are the exorbitant prices and the constant interruptions (and loss of privacy.) If management returns to a per visit pricing structure of the not-to-distant past they still should be able to regain their lost stage fees and then some.

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