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InfrequentMSCVisitor* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
03-May-01, 08:13 PM (PDT)
Had my first afternoon visit to MSC yesterday. Business was light but quite a few dancers were on shift. Was tempted to spend time with one dancer but my sixth sense told me to stay away. Think her name is Alyssa older latina with a big butt and long brown hair. What is her menu? Does she offer full service? Is she available for outdates??
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IAvoidROBs* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
04-May-01, 02:46 AM (PDT)
1. "RE: WednesdayAfternoonTripReport"
The dancer that you saw must have been Ayesha. Her attitude and service stinks!! She will tease you and deliver nothing!! This is the one dancer there that is afraid of being touched by men. I have overheard her talking to other dancers, complaining about how much she hated the Cinema and sad that she did not make her $1,000 goal for the day. Avoid this one.
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AgreeToAvoidUnless* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
04-May-01, 07:55 PM (PDT)
2. "RE: WednesdayAfternoonTripReport"
As the review above says Ayesha is the most likely candidate. I enjoy dancers with big buttocks and Ayesha is qualified in that category. Her shows are brief and throughout she is allways asking for more dollars and does not deliver. She is puzzling, last summer she asked me if I liked anal after watching an anal sex video in an upstairs booth. I told her I did. She said great and gave me her phone number. She gave me an ok HJ but I have not called her number. What is it with this dancer? Does she have a split personality?? The nyphomanic and virginal princess??
Is this all a part of her ROB routine or does she deliver on occasion? I would pay a small fortune to have anal sex with this large bottomed latina. Any worthwhile info is appreciated. Does she deliver for the right price or is she 1000% ROB?
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ExperiencedClubber* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
04-May-01, 08:22 PM (PDT)
3. "RE: WednesdayAfternoonTripReport"
Ayesha and many other dancers at MSC hate to admit what business they are in. The business of selling prostitution. If a good looking female clerk at a supermarket asked a customer for $$$ for five minutes work, she is no longer a clerk. A dancer may hate the business she is in but it is she that put herself there. If you want to penetrate Ayesha's rectum, odds are that she will do it for enough buck's. But do not fall for the ROB routine and do not forget that she is not your girlfriend. She wants your money and is not a virginal princess. Like all long term dancers at MSC she has seen it all and done it all over and over and over.
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ThksForYourResponse* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
04-May-01, 08:39 PM (PDT)
4. "RE: WednesdayAfternoonTripReport"
I am prepared to drop a lot of dollars but want to be sure that the dancer delivers what I am looking for. Would Ayesha deliver? If she does I would deliver $$$$'s to cum in her rear end. But if she is only a ROB then I will look for another dancer. I want information from anyone who has done a lot of business with this particular dancer before I drop that kind of money.
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ThisDancerHasALimitedMenu* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
06-May-01, 10:27 PM (PDT)
5. "RE: WednesdayAfternoonTripReport"
Have not seen this dancer for months. Is she still working MSC? Ok here is my two cents. Ayesha barely delivers on two things HJ and Russian. She has nice natural tits however her large but shapely .. Butt X .., allways covered with black panties, is not uncovered during a Private Show. She is not going to do anal with you and probably not Full Service for any amount of $$$ so forget about that. If you want to do business with her be prepared for a very brief show. Never do a two girl show with her. When she asks for more $$$ than agreed upon, the whining pitch of her voice reminds me of my 6 year old daughter begging for a bigger allowance. However, unlike my daughter who is willing to do more work for an increase, Ayesha will not deliver more, she does not care about her client's pleasure and is a well doccumented ROB. Warning, very few of a large number of reviews here or elsewhere have been good to Ayesha. Watch out she does not care about her customer service rating and will empty your wallet. This is my long winded way of saying do business with another dancer!!!!
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