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"MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"

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rasputin* (3 posts) Click to EMail rasputin%2A Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 02:29 PM (PDT)
"MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"
I would like to respond to several of the points posted in my open letter to management, in no particular order.

Despite all the postings from MSC shills to the contrary, a blind man can see how well the new parking system isn't working. Dancer count is significantly down, with many dancers forced now into unprofitable stage dancing maybe 3 times a night. Attendance on Saturday night was down to probably half. Many of the dancers now seem to be unattractive and overweight.

I totally agree that MSC is free to make their money however they can. However I am also totally free to spend my money when and where I choose. I don't agree that MSC is a monopoly. Many alternatives exist. Given the current parking meter system with the constant interruptions and the extortionate prices, these alternatives now seem attractive and MSC doesn't. Management can run the place into the ground for all I care. It was just one of the few remaining places where you could spend leisurely time with your ATF after Deja Vu totally screwed up New Century Theatre. MSC was a pleasant convenience. I'm still able to enjoy the company of my ATF without MSC, but now that MSC is so inconvenient they won't see any of my money. Keep up the good work.

I'm not going to get into a pissing contest with others who think they spend millions a week and I spend only pennies. In the past I've spent a good amount of money to spend quality time with dancers. I'm not 18 years old and I need more than five minutes of uninterrupted time. Who is going to pay $20/hour for each 5 minutes (more like 3)? In the past I've spent up to an hour in the company of my ATF.This comes to $240/hour. A motel room is far cheaper. I didn't object to the $20/visit in the private room.

I stil believe MSC is a MBOT wannabe. Yes the differences between the two and their different markets is obvious. They dream of the profits MBOT makes, but it will never happen for one big reason. MSC is not in a tourist area. The area outside is like a combat zone. Only tourists with a death wish are likely to wander into that neighborhood. I can't imagine how they think the people wandering in off the street are going to have the money to pay for anything more than admission to the main stage. Maybe on a good night they will even tip $1 to stage dancers. And what about all the tourists in the daytime? Most patrons are probably local married men sneaking in during their lunch hour to spend a leisurely hour with their ATF.

I don't believe I'm taking the high road by calling MSC a service industry. They provide dancers and an environment in which dancers dance and provide other services to paying customers on a negotiated basis. MSC doesn't sell goods. They aren't McDonalds and they aren't a monopoly so they must provide good service or risk losing their business to their competition.


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simba* (3 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 02:58 PM (PDT)
1. "RE: MSC : Good Evaluation: Part II"
Good job Rasputin!
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rasputin (1 posts) Click to EMail rasputin Click to send private message to rasputin Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 03:30 PM (PDT)
2. "RE: MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"
Further responses to postings.

It's my breath to waste complaining if I so choose. We live in the US not some cozy worker's paradise. I couldn't care less about MSC management, let them run the business into the ground. Also to be fair believe that they have a right to make their money too. For me MSC is history and I haven't skipped a beat with my ATF. MSC was a pleasant convenience, but by no means indispensable to me. The dancers, many of whom are the principal wage earners in their families, will probably suffer the most. It's for them I complain, perhaps in vain, about the current management practices.

Management doesn't owe me anything but by the same token I don't owe anything to them. I don't throw good money away just because they think their's is the only act in town. I will vote with my wallet and spend where there is reason to spend. Let them do as they wish.

One posting said snidely that any customers will do and that they do not need regulars. Just remember that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time. Also I overheard managment say that in time customers will get used to the new fee structure. Just how many times do they think will be able to fool all these "big spenders" wandering in off the street? I've seen a dramatic shift in the makeup of the audience in the past few weeks, but from all indications they aren't the big spenders needed to sustain a profitability for any period of time.

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McDonald's* (2 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 04:27 PM (PDT)
3. "RE: MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"
MSC very much operated in a monopoly environment the past few years. Let me illustrate it to you this way; if there were only 2 car makers in the world, Merecedes and Hundyai. You could argue that Hundyai is a monopoly because a large segment of the car buying population can't afford a Mercedes, and therefore Hundyai operates without any true competition. taxis, bikes, buses, and trains are all alternative methods of transportation, but they're NOT cars.

Instead of cars we're talking strip club/extras, just substitute MBOT for Mercedes and MSC for Hundyai. When you factor in price of MBOT, for many customers MSC was the ONLY stip club available that offered extras. AMPs and escorts are alternatives, but they are not a strip club w/extras, and THAT makes MSC a monopoly.

I mean really, how else can you explain MSC getting away with treating customers like sh@t, extorting $$ from dancers, and having their club in the condition it was in? NO COMPETITION. If there was any competition, dancers and patrons would have moved to that club.

That's what's happening now, LaGals is setting up shop right in between MBOT and MSC and has the opportunity to be hugely successful if they don't exhibit the greed, arrogance and stupidity that both MBOT and MSC have exhibited the last year +. Both MSC and MBOT have (if the boards are any indications) a large number of unhappy customers that would love nothing more that to take their business elsewhere.

From your point of view, MSC doesn't seem like a monopoly because you've make arrangements to bypass MSC and still see your ATF. If your ATF had not decided to do that, then you'd have no choice but to see her at MSC, or of course not see her at all.

Also you make the assumption that MBOT is more profitable club than MSC. For dancers, on average, MBOT is unquestionably more profitable than MSC, but as a club, I'm not so certain. Based on the way clubs make their money, and the sheer volume MSC does, or should I say did do (past tense), it wouldn't have surprised me if MSC made as much if not more than MBOT

Finally my apologies to the Hundyai corporation for comparing you to MSC, you make a fine automobile ;)

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musicforman2* (4 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 09:10 PM (PDT)
4. "RE: MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"
Excellent posts. MBOT did rebound after the meters were installed and now they've doubled the price and raised the admit.
Still they thrive, but I for one would not buy a Ha-one-day car,espec. if I knew their factory workers were 13yo prisioners who worked 14hr days and I won't go to the MSC until the things that have been mentioned are straighted out--so maybe never.
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Rasputin* (3 posts) Click to EMail Rasputin%2A Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 10:47 PM (PDT)
5. "RE: MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"
What does it matter if MSC is a monopoly or not if customers stop coming? The customers are not as a rule "junkies", desperate for their fix at any cost and under the most unpleasant conditions. I don't object to the "greed" of management, which one post claims is about $5 mil annually. By corporate standards that is chump change. The club has a right to make money, and so do the dancers. The customer has a right to spend his money where he chooses. What I object to is the incessant interruptions with the knocking on the door and the watchers hovering around outside. Also the prices are now exorbitant and for many outcalls at $350/hour now seem a bargain. There must be some happy middle ground where dancers, customers and mangement can all benefit.

Anyone can see things aren't going as expected. Attendance of both dancers and patrons is down. The composition of the audience has changed. By all reports they don't seem to be big spenders that were hoped for. I wish MSC luck with their new system. I've already moved on to greener pastures, and I know many others already have, even though MSC is a "monopoly."

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Miles (529 posts) Click to send private message to Miles Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
01-May-01, 01:25 AM (PDT)
6. "RE: MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"
Come on Rasputin, simply pointing out that your letter will fall upon deaf ears at MSC and suggesting that the stampede of ÒregularsÓ out the door may not be that detrimental to business in the long run doesnÕt make anyone here a ÒshillÓ for MSC management.

In fact, IÕm glad youÕve drawn a line in the sand and taken your business elsewhere. You certainly wonÕt get an argument from me that the current system is a joke. I would probably be doing the same as you, had it not been for the fact that MSC actually got on my nerves quite awhile ago, and I did exactly as you. (Except for the letter writing part.) They didnÕt need to go to the present extreme to lose me.

As for the future of MSC, I not as confident as you that business will perhaps spiral downward from this moment forward. This isnÕt the first dancer exodus in MSCÕs history, probably wonÕt be the last, and yet theyÕve always managed to survive. They seem to believe that dancers can be replaced, and unfortunately so far, history has proved theyÕre right. Eventually, a new group of dancers desperate enough for work will find a home at MSC. And a shapely figure and attractive appearance were never an MSC requirement. Over the years, itÕs been nothing short of amazing to see who theyÕve let into that place. TheyÕve either been blind, or they just donÕt care. My guess: they donÕt care. Besides, at least by definition, even a less than attractive dancers still fulfills the cardinal rule of strip club managment, which IÕll address further in this post. In any event, MSC isnÕt a monopoly, but it sure had itÕs signature. IÕm just not so sure if that signature was really such a good thing, but some shrugged it off as "charm."

It doesnÕt surprise me one bit that management believes that customers will adjust to the new system. These guys may not be saints, and they may not know a thing about real world management, or customer service, but they arenÕt naive and they are certainly well aware of at least one little fact about their club: a ton of money constantly walks through those doors. Not so ironically, the stage fees theyÕve been collecting all of these years are prime evidence of that. Despite four hour shift charges averaging about $200 per dancer, the dancers would still go home relatively happy, because the seemingly hefty stage fee was usually only a fraction of the total tip money they took in. The MSC management is well aware of what the dancers were making. A lot of money. From customers. So it shouldnÕt be a surprise or mystery at all why MSC believes customers will eventually cough-up the new charges. Even if itÕs after the shock (or should I say schlock) of the new system and everything settles down. Sure, a lot of regular customers will leave. A lot of MSCÕs finest dancers will quit. But eventually, customers (and dancers) will discover that the new labor code apples to all clubs, not just poor little MSC. You can bet your last parking meter twenty that the MBOT wanna-be managers at MSC are fully aware of what an MBOT customer is being asked to pay nowadays and how the MBOT system works. And they won't consider CH to be meaningful competition, because most CH girls don't get down and do the do-do like MSC girls do.

Welcome back, weary strip-clubber. ThereÕs a nice smelly (well, some things will NEVER change) booth waiting for you, a gorgeous dancer who canÕt wait to get naked with you inside of it...oh, by the way, you remember how to use our Òparking meterÓ donÕt you? Thank you very much!

You see Rasputin, the name of the game here is money, not customer service. The strip club managers are convinced you donÕt make money from customer service, you make money from LIVE NUDE GIRLS, the cardinal rule of strip club management. YouÕve noted that the Deja Vu takeover of NCT ruined the club. You may be right, I never went there myself. But I do know for a fact that one thing about NCT hasnÕt changed since Deja Vu took over: the doors are still wide open. They didnÕt go out of business, despite the almost universal recoil on the web back when Deja Vu first implemented itÕs doomsday scenario of clipboard guy dance counters and such. The predictions of empty seats and dancer wanted signs never seemed to materialize. Maybe all of the regs headed for greener pastures, but theyÕre still open and doing business. Why? LIVE NUDE GIRLS! You want Ôem and weÕve got Ôem. And you donÕt have to worry about flushing the toilet downstairs, we have people here that will take care of that...

I guess what IÕm asking is for is a little realism about MSCÕs ultimate prospects. The web is a great thing for sharing information, but itÕs not the best engine for organizing meaningful boycotts, which require strict solidarity. That doesnÕt happen on the web, too much bickering, false information, wanna be experts, and useless affirmations. But donÕt mistake this post as my blessing of MSCÕs managers. IÕve always thought (and have posted before) that they are the most repulsive, foul, revolting, genuine card-carrying ogreish assholes that eagerly bought a one-way ticket to hell long ago, and will dine on their young long before they consent to removing the Òparking meters.Ó

Hell, I didnÕt stop going there just because the ATF quit.

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rasputin* (3 posts) Click to EMail rasputin%2A Click to check IP address of the poster
01-May-01, 02:09 PM (PDT)
7. "RE: MSC : Following In the Footsteps of NCT: Part II"
From someone who claims not to be a shill and who in the past claims never to have written a complaining letter you sure went to a lot of trouble in an attempt to refute my postings. What is your motivation I wonder? Some noble crusade to bring unclean heathens to heel? Why are you glad that I "have drawn the line in the sand and taken my business elsewhere"? Are you a sympathetic fellow regular or someone with a vested interest in the points I raise? Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

As for the claim that MSC management will eat their young before they remove the parking meters, just remember that twice before MSC tried similar tricks but backed out both times after their business went into the toilet. In neither case was there an organized boycott but simply the dissatifaction of people that management couldn't shout down and who voted with their wallet.

Anyone who carefully reads my postings knows that I never called for a boycott, and I never lost my ATF. If people enjoy a thoroughly unpleasant experience by being interrupted every five minutes that's their business. If they have the extravagance to pay for leisurely hours at $240 + money to the dancer more power to them. Those posts that say MSC is monopoly will be disappointed to find out that I never missed a beat with my ATF. Only now MSC don't benefit financially. It doesn't take a financial analyst to figure out that if there are enough defections like this they will lose money.

Many people seem to have a difficult time with the concept of free speech. If I want to bitch and moan, even though it has no effect, that is my right. I respect anyone's right to disagree with me and I would hope they would show me the same courtesy when I grumble about the current parking meter systems.

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