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"MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"

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Rasputin* (2 posts) Click to EMail Rasputin%2A Click to check IP address of the poster
28-Apr-01, 03:57 PM (PDT)
"MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
An Open Letter Management:

I've been a loyal customer at MSC for the past 5 years where each week I spend a considerable amount for a wonderfully erotic ambience and leisurely entertainment amongst many beautiful dancers. In the past I've also been a devoted customer of New Century theatre and spent many wonderful nights there before they completely destroyed the ambience there. New Century Theatre now is only a pleasant memory to me and I fear that Market Street Cinema will soon fall into the category in what I believe is a flawed attempt to maximize the revenue stream.

To me there is there nothing more detrimental to a pleasant experience with a dancer in a private show than to have someone constantly hovering around outside and then opening the curtain to collect more money. For me any interruption destroys the experience and therefore eliminates my interest in spending money to a dancer for a private show. Rather than endure this incessant surveillance and unwanted interruption I will completely forego the private shows and stick to giving the dancers only $1 tips during their dances in Playland, Bangkok, and the Bedroom. I spoke to other regular patrons who are also big spenders and they echo these sentiments. Given these facts it is difficult to understand the rationale behind the "parking meter" system, since in the long run regular patrons will undoubtedly take their business elsewhere. Yes I know there will be naive and inexperienced customers from whom dancers may extract the new excessive fees, but I think this trick will sour the experience for them and they will not return or will not be fooled the second time. Any successful management team in the service industry realizes the value of regular patrons in running a successful and profitable operation.

Any casual observer can see the effects of the new system, especially on the peak nights of Friday and Saturday. On Friday night it was apparent that the dancer count had dropped significantly, presumably as a result of the pressure put on them for the increased fees. Most business seemed to come from inexpensive lap dances in the main stage audience and from the cinema. Similarly on Saturday night attendance seemed lighter than usual and in general I understand customers were spending less and less often, contenting themselves with inexpensive lap dances. By the way, what ever happened to the wall dance areas? Many times private shows in which I spent money started with a nice wall dance.

I have seen this increased regimentation in the operation of MSC slowly dilute a formerly very pleasant experience for me and for others. For me, I will now think long and hard about continuing my weekly forays to MSC because of the parking meter system. Regretfully I think I will be looking for greener pastures and a more relaxed ambience that was the Market Street Cinema of the past if the parking meter system continues in its current intrusive form.

A (almost former) Loyal MSC Customer

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tigerlily* (9 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
28-Apr-01, 05:31 PM (PDT)
1. "RE: MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
from what i hear,,, all clubs with private rooms will be on the meter, so i'm not sure where you'll go 'big spender'. understand that what may be a lot of money for you is probably not so much for us there will always be dancers, there will always be patrons. sometimes in order to win one must work with the system at hand. be selective in your choice of dancer, her attitude could make all the difference. ciao.
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Miles (526 posts) Click to send private message to Miles Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
28-Apr-01, 06:14 PM (PDT)
2. "RE: MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
First of all, your "letter" is far to articulate for anyone at MSC (and possibly all of their friends, if they have any) to understand. Someone will have to translate it for them, and they'll never go to the trouble. You might have been better off simply saying: "MSC sucks, just like the fucking NCT. You guys can eat shit, I'm outta here!" Now that's something they can understand. It still won't do a bit of good, but at least they'll get your point.

Since you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting a response to your letter from the boys at MSC, I'll take the liberty of addressing your points. I would hate to think you put in all that time and effort into this letter for nothing.

MSC isn't a "service industry" It isn't McDonalds, it's just a dive strip club in SF. You're attempting to take the high road and equate the porn business with a "respectable" one that regularly deals with the entire public at large, not just a group of weekend pussy seekers. Therefore, the porn industry has developed it's own set of rules and standards, and has been quite comfortable and successful living by them without the encumbrance of wondering if they will ever compare favorably with a "successful management team" in the "service industry." In fact, a striking example of this is the MSC itself, which has been making a mint over the years, but it's rabid lack of regard for customers (and employees, I hear) has been legendary. Just take a walk downstairs to the restrooms anytime and take a big sniff. You'll see what I mean.

You are mistaken in assuming that MSC is attempting to "maximize it's revenue stream." It's simply attempting to protect it's ordinary, regular revenue and profit that it has previously enjoyed until this year, when the practice of charging stage fees to the dancers stopped. Are you now suggesting that the MSC endure consistent, daily loses just because you want to continue to go into some small, dark, smelly booth and hump one of the dancers like before? Are you really serious?

I'm afraid that, no matter how many years you've been going there, the MSC doesn't owe you a damn thing, and it's free to try and make money anyway it can, which is exactly the "business plan" right now. You can write a million letters to MSC, and they'll all end up in the same place. You're only alternative is to find another place, a solution the MSC is perfectly happy with, because as you have so eloquently noted, the MSC doesn't need regulars, just customers, and naive and experienced ones will do just fine.

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stussy* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
28-Apr-01, 10:36 PM (PDT)
3. "RE: MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
the meters in msc are really annoying and a disgrace. I have been going to msc for the last five years and have had lots of good time. I was there a week ago and had to use those $20.00 meters for a private show. I was looking at the clock and we pretty much got 3 min and 20 sec for $20.00. For me, that is a gigantic rip off. I asked the guy who was working in the playland about the time for each 20 and he told me over five minutes. I told him that what BS because anybody that could count would be able to do the math. It really gave me a very bad experience and i don't think i will be going back there anytime soon. Also it kinda makes MBOT look like a bargain with those $20.00 token. I surely hope MSC would get their act together and go back to the old way.
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McDonald's* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
28-Apr-01, 10:44 PM (PDT)
4. "RE: MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
First of all let me say I'm with you a hundred 100%, even if some at MSC gave a rat's ass, that letter is way to articulate and had way to much common sense for anyone at the club to understand.

My take on all this;, I think MSC is very much in a service industry (strip clubs that offer extras), both them and MBOT. They operate at opposite ends of the marketplace and really don't compete with one another. In fact neither really has any competition in the market place and kind of operate as monopolies. That's why MSC can treat their customers the way they do, and that's why MBOT can charge what they do because there's no other alternative for what's available at their clubs.

You are correct in that is wrong to equate MSC with a respectable business, let's face it that place is totally illegitimate. In a way that's how they were so profitable in the past. Technically stage fees were always illegal, it's just no one ever did anything about it. This new law in more of an interpretation of existing law, and which specifically names stage fees. That's why dancers are allowed to make claims to get stage fees refunded to them from prior years.

I believe the club has a right to earn a buck, but I think they are seriously delussional if believe they can maintain prior "illegitimate" profitability given the interpretation/ enforcement of the law. Unfortunately that's what it appears their "business plan" is attempting to do, yet failing miserably. Another post pointed out how little "managing" MSC had to do during the stage fee era to earn some serious cash. Unfortunately for MSC laws have changed and now their management must figure out a "business plan" that can make their club profitable and that is asking a lot of the brain trust we affectionately call MSC. I think "Raspudin" is right, MSC is heading down the path of NCT, and it is a shame because everyone loses, customers, dancers and the club.

On a side note, with the large defection of dancers from MSC, I'm curious if there's an increase in the numbers of dancers who will make claims for back stage fees against the club? Certainly if a dancer wanted to continue working there, she wouldn't file a claim, that is if she wanted to keep her job. That's a lot of $$$$$$$$.

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musicforman2* (3 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
29-Apr-01, 03:36 PM (PDT)
5. "RE: MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
MSC management doen't give a shit what you think. Their greed is insatiable-$5 mil per year.
There is an alternative and it's across the street. Too bad for the MSC and great for the Deja Vu chain.
1. The place is cleaner
2. The dancers are better looking by far
3. The manager is sensitive to costomer concerns
4. You can UNDERSTAND what the DJ's are saying, they speak Cal Standard English.
Save your breath and take your money across the street.
Vote your displeasure with your wallet, anyway the MSC is soon to be demolished give or take a few years. It doesn't meet earthquake,ADA or SFFD regs and could be closed down tomorrow if anyone wanted to press the issue.
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anon* (2 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 08:41 AM (PDT)
6. "RE: MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
MSC is already part owned by dejavu,
oh well . . .
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close* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 11:33 AM (PDT)
7. "RE: MSC: Following in the Footsteps of New Century Theatre"
To the best of my knowledge both LA Gals and MSC have similar ownership structures (DJV limited partner, Bijou Group managing partner & operators). The difference between the 2 clubs is the manager operating the clubs and a day to day basis.

At LaGals you have a manager that wants to earn a customer's business by creating a pleasurable environment for both the customer's and the dancers, and at least for the moment has not show the greed of either MSC or MBOT.

At MSC you have a manager that's got a drug problem, who has instituted business practices that gouges customers and extorts money from dancers, shown total disregard to both (customers/dancers) and who's greed is only matched but his utter stupidity.

MSC has lost my business, not that LaGals has earned it, but at least I'll give them the opportunity. The only thing I'd pay to watch over at MSC now is to watch them throw Mgr Mike and his DJ croonies out on their ASSES.

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Bossman (147 posts) Click to send private message to Bossman Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 12:30 PM (PDT)
8. "RE: MSC: Good Evaluation! "
The man has made a good evaluation! And believe me this information will reach some one and some one will listen! Good job Rasputin!
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