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"Change in MBOT Schedues-Anyone know?"

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dbigguy* (2 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
26-Apr-01, 09:50 PM (PDT)
"Change in MBOT Schedues-Anyone know?"
This afternoon I was at MBOT and the New York Live dancers now dance to only one dance, instead of two as has been done previously. This makes for a faster rotation. According to CHERRY, this is the first day that it has been done like this. There was a good sized crowd, and the $$ were flowing. The last Kopenhagen Show was full. Does anyone know if this one-dance routine will be the norm?

Also, according to the JP site, the Month of May starts some other striking schedule changes. During Matinees, they have usually had only two dancers in the Kopenhagen and Ultra Room shows. According to the May schedule, they will have up to 6 performers in the Kopenhagen. One dancer told me it was a mistake; another said they would rotate in the shows like they do in the evenings. Anyone have any insight into this? The dancers didn't seem to know anything about it.

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thedart* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
30-Apr-01, 11:45 AM (PDT)
1. "RE: Change in MBOT Schedues-Anyone know?"
That wasn't the first time that the dancers were only on stage for 1 song. I visited MBOT on two different occassions during early April in the evening, and the dancers were only there for one song each. Very fast rotation, though too fast if your ATF is only up there for one song.
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