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"Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre "

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lappergirl* (4 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
10-Apr-01, 04:45 PM (PDT)
"Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre "
Hi everyone. For those of you who might not have received word yet we have a new site devoted to MBOT for pl's and anyone else who wants to join. For those of you who have already joined I thank you for your continued support, looks like we are off to a fantastic start. I agree that there is room for many opinions and topics for discussion and with tuscl's never ending problems there certainly was a need for new chat locations. In the coming days we are going to have some fun SURPRISES at the mbot site so I hope you come on over. Peace http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/mbot
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Freddie* (2 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
11-Apr-01, 06:42 PM (PDT)
1. "RE: Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre "
Lappergirl, so far you have done an excellent job with the mbot site. As I posted on another thread, I am curious to see if you keep my new post on your site up. If you allow it, and others like it, I will be a regular, if not I wont. Peace.
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Kit-Kat* (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
12-Apr-01, 01:26 AM (PDT)
2. "RE: Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre "
I think it's funny how you're able to "lure" so many pL's to your site based on YOUR-ZERO post/contribution on Redbook!!!

The funniest part is the guys that did go over there. Based on your initiative but upon someone else's suggestion to open a club!!!

Wait, here's the best part: All your PL's think that they will get honest&unbiased answers from you(supposed ex-dancer?).

Hhhmmmm, can you say "conflict of interest????"

This isnt a flame, but merely FACTS...

peace to you lady-lapper

"love" Kit-Kat

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Bossman (138 posts) Click to send private message to Bossman Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
12-Apr-01, 07:05 AM (PDT)
3. "RE: Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre "
Any one could have developed a good site with easy access as did lappergirl. She made some genuine and logistical decisions that were need at the time. "tuscl" was going down the drain! Lappergirl had done us proud, I have been around for over 30 years observing the Adult Entertainment Industry. It is nice for a change to have a woman in charge, lappergirl makes no money from the site, she puts a lot of her time. Has given us some great photographs of Melinda and Zia and all the rest. None of us have been had, we have had others, and know at this time what is best! Way to go lappergirl, you have my support! And by the way I have never met lappergirl, all I care is that she maintains her site as she has done. Most of us support her and she deserves it.
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