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"New Mitchell Brothers Yahoo Site"

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sc_jonni* (6 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
05-Apr-01, 07:20 PM (PDT)
"New Mitchell Brothers Yahoo Site"
Fred, I find it pretty lame that all these imitation clubs are being started after lappergirl announced she was starting one.Although I understand that we need an outlet to openly and freely express our views, lappergirl has already said she wont censor any pl posts. I, and many mbot regular pl's have posted on her site without any problems. Looks like her club must be popular because close to 300 members have joined so far. Also, your leading poster Blackksheep has said that he doesn't even go to mbot, so whats really going on Fred ? Give the lady a chance. The mbot site is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/mbot

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Blackksheep* (315 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
05-Apr-01, 09:49 PM (PDT)
1. "RE: New Mitchell Brothers Yahoo Site"
SC jonni: I never said I never went to MBOT and if I did Im sorry. As most of you all know my "home" is MSC but I have been to MBOT 2 times in the last 3 weeks.Not knocking lappergirl, but Fred posted he was thinking of starting club before lappergirl did. I'm glad her site's doing well. Never seen youre name before jonni? Peace

Blackksheep* (315 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
05-Apr-01, 09:54 PM (PDT)
2. "RE: New Mitchell Brothers Yahoo Site"
SC Jonni: Fred's Site started a little slow but with a membership of over 90 its not bad let's give evryone a chance to decide which forum is best for them. BTW your tag SC_jonni are you a member of the MSC yahoo club? If not join us brother. Peace

Bossman (130 posts) Click to send private message to Bossman Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
06-Apr-01, 00:56 AM (PDT)
There are so many of us out there in Cyber Space that both sites can provide an avenue for open discussion. Fred has a vision and so does Lappergirl. At this time Lappergirl has been doing all in her power to bring attention to her site in a positive manner and has done well. I think we ought to help Fred as friends in Cyber Space. Dialogue is what makes most good stuff happen and both sites offer the opportunity to do so. Best of luck Fred and Lappergirl!

sc_jonni* (6 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
06-Apr-01, 03:39 PM (PDT)
My only point was that it looks like Fred opened the club to spite lappergirl. Afterall, numerous posters have discussed openening a new site due to the success of the msc site and tuscl problems. For Fred to claim it was his idea is nonsense. His hostile posts here confirm my suspisions. And then he MISPELLED O'Farrell Theatre.

Pimp_Daddy* (22 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
06-Apr-01, 05:18 PM (PDT)
I hate to say it but I believe Fred did set his club up first before lappergirl. Not out to start or fan any flames and I invite BOTH clubs to post links at our Yahoo club MARKETSTREETCINEMA.



sc_jonni* (6 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
07-Apr-01, 04:07 PM (PDT)
Just to end this discussion, if you look at the home page of lappergirl's site it was opened on 3/29 and Fred's was 3/31. Peace

pokekingmon (71 posts) Click to send private message to pokekingmon Click to check IP address of the poster
07-Apr-01, 04:19 PM (PDT)
i say sign on to both and make your own choice!! PEACE

Curly (6 posts) Click to send private message to Curly Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
07-Apr-01, 05:09 PM (PDT)
It doesn't really matter who got their site up first, though as a matter of record, Lappergirl got there first... Fred started the ball rolling by inquiring about the possibility of a club, but took no immediate action... Lappergirl, seemingly from out of nowhere, started the MBOT club... within 48 hours, Fred started the offarrell theatre club.

Lappergirl has done a good job marketing and contributing to her club, so I think she has earned her place in the PL community.

Although I like Fred's contributions in the past (in fact, based on some of his posts, he and I have similar tastes in dancers), he hasn't shown the same enthusiasm in promoting his club... perhaps he's a little dissapointed at having someone beat him to the punch (Lappergirl probably used the club name that he would have preferred, evidenced by a not-too-well planned club name, having misspelled ofarrell in the club name that he eventually settled on). So, give Fred a break... I feel confident that he will be back to his old self in no time, and we'll see trip reports and other lively discussion from him and others.

All in all, I hope both clubs do well and get lots of discussion going... Hell, I'm all for ANY discussion I can find relating to the beauties at MBOT, whether it be Fred's, Lappergirl's, SF Strip Clubs, TUSCL, Redbook, newsgroups, whatever!

For what it's worth, I belong to both their clubs, under a different alias.

Sooo, to echo pokekingmon's post, take a look at both and decide for yourself... it does no one any good to publicly herald the virtues of one club while putting down the other... only causes hard feelings and retalitory responses.


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